Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's time

Every day at least one thing happens or crosses my mind that morphs itself into blog post form in my brain. I realize you never would have guessed it because it has been WAY too long since anything took physical form.
Let's approach this classically...where I've been - where I am - where I'm going...

August 10: Completed a most INCREDIBLE summer with YouthWorks in Puerto Rico.
My team! Juan, Johnny, Me, Andria


August 11
: Moved back to Chicago with my parents.

August 19: Registered to get an associates degree in Criminal Justice at College of DuPage.

August 27
: Went to Mexico City for a week and a half with my good friend, Ali.
Subway, subway, subway

Epic soccer game - the winning team!

September 8: Began working with Oasis High School Ministries at Grace Bible Church.

While I may have believed and even sworn at times that I would never do two things - 1) move home after college, and 2) go back to school after I graduated - I am convinced this is where God wants me right now. He's funny like that...He saw me making my plans, watched as those plans fell into place, bringing me fleeting happiness through manifestations of what I thought were the greatest dreams and passions imaginable...and then allowed them to fall to pieces. Why??? So that I would finally lift my hands to Him and say, "I can't do it on my own. Put the pieces where YOU want them." He leads me with greater peace and endless joy as I walk toward an unknown future than I ever could give myself as I walked toward my own man-made facade.

The journey certainly continues!