Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Worship" Rediscovered

When I was in Africa this summer, I was able to help teach a class diving into all aspects of worship - more than just singing. We had many discussions of how to worship God through our actions, through our talents, and through our lifestyles.
Worship is more than just singing - and yet, because music is a love in my life, I find myself most often drawn to this type of worship. I was able to bring a guitar with me to the DR, and it has been one of the greatest blessings on this trip. Not only have I been able to continue communicating with God through music, but others on the team have been able to feel close to God through having an "English" worship time and even playing a little.
I love playing worship songs that remind me of home, but I’ve also made an effort to learn several Spanish worship songs while I’ve been here. There is something special about playing my guitar and singing in a language not native to my tongue. It’s as if singing in another language has caused me to really know and listen to the words I’m saying. One of my favorite things to do now is I really do hear Spanish as a beautiful language. Sometimes “worship” needs to be rediscovered – more than realizing singing isn’t all that makes up worship – but realizing that worship through singing in itself is more than just reading or reciting words as I move my voice up and down. Singing in our worship to God is an answer to the call to glorify Him with our voices and instruments, and most importantly our hearts.

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