Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Positivity Week!!!

There are many decisions in life. I’m not just talking about what sports team to go out for in 6th grade, or what college to go to, or who to marry. These are all difficult decisions that may be faced, but I’m talking more about choosing virtues.
It is necessary to CHOOSE to:






Be Joyful

I had many opportunities this summer to make the decisions to: get up in the morning after another 5 hour night, continue having conversations in Spanish even though everything takes me twice as long to come up with, keep serving people who didn't want to be in Puerto Rico, and most of all BE JOYFUL through every circumstance.

After one particularly trying week, my supervisor had the genius idea of having positivity week - no matter what happened, we were going to find the joy in EVERY situation! And you know what? We did! No one can steal your joy away when it is grounded in the Lord! Never give up hope :-)

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