Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some FunFacts

1. I have taken my contacts out 6 times since arriving in Africa.
2. It is possible to get a sunburn when it is 9 degrees celcius - respect the African sun!
3. I can now hold a short introductory conversation in Zulu.
4. I have run more in the last two months than in my last year of college.
5. It is more common to see wildfires on the side of the road than wildlife.
6. I have 6 days left in South Africa! ☹
7. I cannot figure out the conversion for Celsius to Fahrenheit to save my life: add 5, multiply by 3, subtract 30, add 2 for good luck, and put a sweater on if you’re cold.


  1. I love it! Fantastic to hear about your time in Berea as well! Continuing to pray for you!!!! Love you!

  2. hahahah adrienne ur crazy...need some help on that celsius to fahrenheit lol... hahha something i had to memorize while in the hospital...multiply by 9,then divide by 5(oh n dont worry about the reaminder), then add 32...

    hahah im so glad to hear everything is going welll i love u good luck im praying for u!!!