Friday, July 17, 2009


Short Term (equipping) Missions. Each year, during students’ holiday break in July, J-Life offers short term missions training for their trainees and promising leaders in their churches. This training includes 3 days of lectures and a 5 day practical when groups are sent out to partner with a community and practice what they’ve learned. The purpose of these practicals is to join in the work already in progress in the communities, and to equip the partner churches to continue effectively ministering with a kingdom mindset.
The students and leaders who go on these STMs return to their home churches equipped to run an STM in their own community. They have not completed the training until they do this.
J-Life has different levels and areas of training, but I’m impressed that every program is consistent with their vision of raising up leaders who raise up leaders who raise up leaders…a ministry of multiplication. Even students who maybe aren’t aware of this purpose are fulfilling it when they allow the truth of this message to influence their hearts. A student who became a Christian on the 9th of July helped to lead another to man to Christ on the 14th of July.
It should be natural to want to spread the good news that has impacted our lives, and it is exciting to see that realized in the next generation!

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