Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Excursion #1

Every Saturday our team gets together to go on an excursion together. Josh and Vicki are the SI staff who accompany us and they are becoming great friends of the entire team. Last Saturday we were able to go "creeking" in a river to Los Higos. This involved a half hour hike through a river, complete with rapids and sharp rocks. We all arrived at our destination safely, though some were a little wetter than others.
Some of you may know that I enjoy outdoorsey activities such as hiking and camping and I sometimes pride myself a little too much on the experience and skill that I've acquired over the years. I did not fall at all on the way to our destination, characterizing my progress with incredible balance and discernment of foot-placement despite the rushing waters. Upon arrival I decided I did not need my shoes anymore and took them off before joining a group of people climbing over rocks in order to let the current carry them through the rapids again downstream. I must admit, I chose the sharpest rock to step on and promptly slipped off the side and landed on top of the point...on my shin. Allow me to regress...when I was five or so, I was playing on a landscape wall and slipped off the edge resulting in the corner of a block becoming embedded in my right shin. Memories of that moment came flooding back as I looked at the puncture wound in my left shin that was too deep to bleed. All is well, there is no infection (cuz I'm tough), but I am convinced that my previous OCD tendencies were subconsciously acting as I will now have matching scars on both my legs :-) Sorry I have no pictures to share because my camera is out of commission due to massive water intake on the way back. Enjoy these few saved from the way out!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADRIENNE!!!! What did you do to celebrate your big day?
    Been praying for you daily.

    Marcia Cramer