Monday, September 7, 2009

La Republica Dominicana

I have now been in the DR for a little over 24 hours. There are many things to get used to here and funny stories developing every hour. Unfortunately, the internet is not what it is in the States and the hour I just spent trying to upload pictures for you has resulted in much tiredness and frustration :-) but still able to smile! It's hard to get used to a lot things such as: having a siesta expected and almost ordered each day after lunch, "rudely" ignoring people on the street in order to preserve dignity and reputation, not having a clue what people are saying when they're looking straight at me, and last but not least, putting all toilet paper (yes, used) into the garbage can rather than the toilet.
Our orientation in the States has stretched into orientation in the DR where we have already learned some of the history of the island, and been into the city of Jarabacoa to participate in a photo scavenger hunt. Tomorrow we meet our host families before we move into their homes with them on Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon we begin Spanish classes. Due to my lack of education in the language of Spanish I will be in the lowest level enjoying the luxury of only one classmate and basically a private tutor. I plan to come home speaking better Spanish than I've ever spoken before...I know, I have big goals.
I love this country and can't wait to share this time with all of you. I love the green plants, I love the mountains, I love the language, and yes I even love the heat, humidity, and lizards that crawl in the windows.

We were told before we came that "you know you're comfortable in the DR when you look out your bathroom door to see chickens walking through your hallway and think nothing of it."
I wonder...How about cats in the Supermarket???


  1. Is that Beyonce?! haha :-P Glad to hear you made it there safely! I'm excited for you and all the incredible experiences you're going to have! Hasta luego! :-)

  2. You are a cat magnet!!! SO GOOD to hear from you and see pics of you there!!! I am so excited for you. This is going to be an amazing experience! I miss you and I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. cats in the supermarket.....really???!! awesome.

    bring me back a chicken!!!!haha,or a mexican monkey.just kidding.

    Praying for you!!! :)