Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mi Cumpleanos!

Last Monday was my birthday and I informed my family here that all I wanted for my birthday was family and friends :-). They still asked me what my favorite color was and spent the day planning a surprise behind my back! When I arrived home from class I opened the door to the house, and thought I was interrupting a prayer meeting because all the lights were off. But it was a surprise for me!! They had a big cake and lots of friends from church were over. It truly was a blessed birthday with my Dominican family. Making it even better, I received many messages and much love from people back home. I would've loved to be with everyone - thanks for making my day special! :-) Enjoy the pics from my fiesta!

A few of my siblings and part of my church family.

My roommate, Barbara; sister Chila; and brother Alberto.

My three brothers (left to right): Alan, Marcos, y Alberto

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