Saturday, October 31, 2009

Travel Week

From October 14th - 23rd our group traveled the island of the Dominican Republic popping into various cities between Jarabacoa, Santo Domingo, and the northern coast. We spend time visiting museums, monuments and resorts. A few highlights were the Museum of Modern Art, the house of Diego Colon (Christopher Columbus' son), and the resort in Samana. It was a week and a half full of learning about the culture and the history of the island as well as being able to experience some incredible beauty. It was also a good time for our team to grow closer together as we came to the end of the time when we could see each other every day and began preparing to move to our ministry sites.
Upon our return, some members of our teams actually moved to new host families with new roommates the be in the right proximity to their ministry site. Fortunately, I was able to stay with my roommate with the same family and work in the community right next to me. It's been a transition as we were used to seeing the whole team at Spanish classes and now some members of the team will be able to visit only on Saturdays. Regardless of the changes I am experiencing, the experience just continues to get better and better as I see more culture and become more a part of my community.

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