Monday, March 1, 2010

Health, Wealth, and Relationships

Sitting with some friends tonight, the question arose: "What is most important in life - health, wealth, or relationships?"
Some felt that health was the most important - "without health, you will die" was the argument, and then what good would any of the others be?
However, there were also those who felt that relationships have an effect on your health, so if the relationships die the health goes anyway...
BUT, without money, will people be willing to have relationships with you? and could you afford to have good health?
My opinion? Wealth - it's important to be financially responsible, and it gives people a certain security to feel they have that "suitcase under the bed", but is that really where I want my identity? Health - Honestly, I take my health for granted because there is nothing physically wrong with me, but I still would choose to be surrounded by people who love me if I was in the midst of a medical crisis.
I believe that healthy relationships are the most important of these three. Now, when I think of the word "relationships" I think of my family and my friends. Above all else, if I am building relationships that are held together by the love of God, I think the other areas of my life will be healthy as well.
As the conversation progressed, it became obvious that different people had different definitions of certain words. When we said "relationships" did we mean family and friends or boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? When we said "health" did we mean physical, mental or overall?
Different definitions led to different answers, and different backgrounds led to different priorities, but for myself I was reminded more and more that the most important thing was my relationship with my Father and Savior, and to let Him guide me through these other areas of life.
Which is most important to you?

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